About Us

“Saved From Landfill Given New Life”

The name ReCherished Crafts is due to the ethos that many items that seem old can be given a new lease of life and cherished again. I really enjoy the process of rescuing something that has been abandoned and restoring it… so am always on the look out in skips or local sale pages. To repurpose & upcycle is a creative & challenging process that saves new items being made which are damaging to the environment. For years I restored furniture for my own use & made gifts for friends & family, only switching to do it full time recently.

Being interested in interior design has lead to creating home décor & gift items from reclaimed wood, metal, beads & vintage fabrics, saving them from landfill. We like the wood to feature strongly so the finish shows its rustic charm.

We also restore & upcycle furniture in a variety of ways respecting the original character, painting techniques along with stencilling & decoupage are all utilised to show off the skilful design of the original item.

ReCherished Crafts aim to be as eco-friendly as possible & use available resources wisely to provide sustainable alternatives that are functional as well as beautiful.

ReCherished Crafts specialise in restoring, repurposing, upcycling and making items useful and beautiful again. Also in making gifts from salvaged and reclaimed wood or metal. Commissions are welcome.